Oakland Park Historical Society Mission Statement

The Oakland Park Historical Society’s five major goals are:

Educate: Building a foundation for historic preservation through knowledge and awareness.
    1. Gather, develop and disseminate historic preservation guidance and standards.
    2. Instill awareness and appreciation for Oakland Park’s history and historic properties.
    3. Promote learning opportunities with the public and interest groups.
    4. Pursue new ways and means to share information about Oakland Park’s history and historic places.

Celebrate: Promoting preservation with recognition, praise and acknowledgement.
    1. Use multi-media to convey historic preservation successes and opportunities.
    2. Acknowledge and reward outstanding achievements and efforts in historic preservation.
    3. Facilitate recognition of historic properties through signage, published materials, events and programs.

Locate and Evaluate: Identifying and documenting Oakland Park’s significant historical places worthy or preservation.
    1. Survey or support the survey of historic properties throughout the City of Oakland Park.
    2. Guide the development and use of historical contexts for evaluating the significance and integrity of Oakland Park’s history and historical sites.
    3. Enhance the management and access to cultural resource information.

Advocate: Seeking support of preservation though funding, incentives and protection.
    1. Encourage the integration of historic preservation in planning and policy-making.
    2. Promote the cultural, social and economic benefits of historic preservation.
    3. Provide leadership and vision in historic preservation.
    4. Implement existing preservation legislation and encourage new laws and incentive to protect historical properties.
    5. Seek additional financial resources to supplement funding for historic preservation.

Collaborate: Working together to preserve Oakland Park’s historic and traditional culture properties.
    1. Reach out to federal, state, tribal, and local public and private stake holders.
    2. Sponsor or participate in forums to share ideas, experience and information.
    3. Solidify existing partnerships and form new consensus for the benefit of historic preservation.